Use of formula dates with timeline

Is there a way to convert a date formula to a date format useable with timeline? Or is this in roadmap?

One of the reasons I signed up recently for was its project management capabilities and Gantt view in particular. It surprised me to find that Gantt view cannot use date formulas. Or that there is not a way dynamically change timeline dates.

I need to create a content calendar that dynamically adjusts. For example, I map out an entire content plan with 50 pieces of content. And I need to move the entire plan out (or in) a week.

In searching for a solution I found app recommendations and potential integromat/zapier integrations. It seems dynamic scheduling is pretty standard thing to do in project management. I am already overpaying for Monday because they no individual plan is offered and it’s just me using it. So, I don’t want to pay for an app.

I did find a quirky work around using dependencies. But would like to know if this will become standard in Monday or maybe I missed the solution.


hi @Wayne32

Welcome to the community. This app Apps Marketplace from the marketplace convert 2 date to a timeline or vice versa. There are options for one time conversion and for keeping them in sync.