Use pulse name in subitem automatic creation

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I am using automations to create subitems as our items move from one stage to the other. We have also added a deadline column to the subitems on our board which allows them to show up in my week. These are great features and have helped our team track all the different tasks that are assigned to them. But since a lot of our subitems have the same name (because they are autogenerated) it makes it difficult to differentiate in my week which item these subs are related to.

I tried setting the subitem name in automation like this : “subitem name - {}” but it didn’t recognize the variable and just named the subitem exactly like I had typed it out.

Is there any way to support the pulse variables as part of the naming for subitems during automatic creation?


Im fully support this. We need this feature too

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Agree. the pulse variables in automations for both items and subitems would be very useful!

I came here to see if this feature existed. This would be a big improvement!

I would really love for this feature to be available. It makes assigning subitems on ‘My Work’ easier to handle and trace.

I am also looking for this feature.