Use the top item data in subitem formulas

Hello, is there a way to use a column from the top item in the subitem formula ?


No. But, maybe.

You can’t directly address a column from any other item in relative terms, even subitems. However, to can reference column values from linked items by using mirror columns. Usually, the connect boards column is used to link to different boards. But, they can also be used to to link items within the same board or subitems.

So, depending on the details of your use case, it may be possible to link to the item that you want to reference either through the use of automations, a tool like Integromat or a custom app.


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I saw that you just marked this solved…

Just a quick note: monday has been working with board linking. As of this moment, you CAN create links to subitems using the Connect Boards column, though that was removed for a time. However, you can NOT link a board to itself. This ability has been removed. At least for now.

Jim - The Monday Man