User-based Views

Please allow us to create and edit views that can only be seen by the user that created it. As of right now, all the views I create and edit are seen by our whole company. This is not good if I want to do complex filtering of a large amount of pulses.

Hi smedina,

I’ve created and saved filters for users and when the user goes to that board it defaults to their view. Wondering if you are referring to something else?

Hope to help.

Thank you for responding!

The issue I can’t seem to solve is if I create View, everyone in my company can see it. This means that if 30 employees create a view, I see 29 views that I do not care about, and one view that I do care about.

Can I create a new view than no one else can see?


I totally get what you are referring to. I don’t know of any ways to do that. would be best to address your concern.

Hey @smedina

Thank you for the feedback :pray:
Creating personal views is on our roadmap so stay tuned for updates on that :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Love the overalls and balloon combo in the profile pic. It’s kinda like “yea i’m fun but I know what I’m talkin’ about”.

Haha, thank you Steven - glad that’s the impression I’m giving :wink: