User permission administration

Hi Monday!

We love your tool for business & project management and want to eventually move our product & system support work over. However, there are a few pain points in administering user access we would need before doing so:

  • Support for user groups rather than administering users on a case-by-case basis
    Having a user be a part of several different user groups would make administering board, pulse, and column permissions a lot easier. Rather than adding them one by one to give them permission to edit the ‘Status’ column across several boards we could simply add that user to the ‘Support Engineer’ group.

  • Allow comments to be hidden from certain user groups (internal communications for certain issues)
    When commenting on a pulse it would be great to be able to hide that comment from certain user groups. For example Support Engineers could have some internal-only comments that are hidden from users in the ‘End-User’ group.

  • Allow reports to be generated from pulses
    Being able to export a pulse & its comments to a word/excel document would allow us to streamline issue reporting- one of our key requirements.

Thank you!

I would add to the last point:

  • Print/Exporting visual designer for output format improvement, put a company logo, put visually column data on user design.
  • Possibility of having templates for print/reporting.
  • Include subitems
  • Include an option for instant report of the pulse via notification (interna user/guest) or via email (integration for sending to an external persona), using a pre-designed template output format, like reporting/printing.

Hi @HugoWells,

Aviram here, the product manager on the team in charge of permissions. Regarding your feedback:

  1. Happy to say that supporting teams in the assigning column permission will be release soon (probably by the end of September)

  2. Permissions in the update section (post and comments) - that’s a great idea I’ll add it as a potential candidate to our roadmap and keep my eye out for more similar requests.

Thanks for the feedback!

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