User Permissions - feedback and feature requests

We would love to assign different levels of permissions to users on each board (or by folder would be even better).

On each board (or all boards within a folder), instead of assigning a board permission that applies to all users it would be awesome if we can assign the permission level in the Add Team Members popup in the same way you assign Ownership of the board.

We are currently awkwardly sort of getting around this by using the “Edit rows assigned to them in the Editing Permissions column” setting on the Board Permissions. However, the big drawback to this is that the users we would like to be using the Edit Content permission level are instead using the “Edit rows assigned” permission and they can not create any new pulses or move pulses between groups or boards.

To try to get around that we are creating extra ‘To Be Assigned’ pulses and are using an automation that assigns the users we want to edit content to each new pulse as they are added to the boards.

Having the ability to add permission level by user would be such a step forward for us and remove these awkward workflows.

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Yeah, I really need permissions that prevent someone from exporting the board.


Keeping all boards with the same permission settings for all projects is quite a hassle. User permissions per folder (effecting all boards within the folder) would be perfect.

A matrix of the permissions per subject would do the job

Use case: as a product owner I want to setup 4 or 5 boards in a folder and want to be able to adjust all the permission settings for all the boards and its users at once, so I am sure all the setting are done right for all the boards


I’d love to see that in Monday.

Granular permissions are an essential feature in team environments.


I would love there should be more User Permission settings, for example, I should be able to control in which group a Pulse should be [use case: when something comes into the board it’s under a group called “Unassigned”, once I assign it (which that column is locked for edit) I move it to Scheduled Tasks].

Also, the order (sort) in the group itself would be great to have an option to have it locked [use case: when I move something from unassigned to scheduled it goes to the bottom of the list and employes take from top of list down, so if the sort can be modified then it can be moved around and jump the line {part of this would be that when someone sorts the board on a column I cant sort it back based on what was added first and since this is the sort it should be I’m stuk}]

I understand that it can get a little complex with so many Permission options but maybe make it as an optional add-on “Additional Permission Set”

Can the Creation Log column provide you with the sorting you need here? I’ve used that successfully in the past to sort board entries based on when they were added to a board.

In moving items between groups, have you automated this based on a status change?

Going beyond that, I’ve previously managed some permission challenges by moving an item to an “Active” or “Working” board.

Not sure if any of the above helps with what you are trying to achieve, but thought that these options were worth flagging.

Thanks Snicho.

Since I’m not sorting by creation date rather by when something was assigned (sometimes its a priority) this workaround doesn’t work, also that’s a reason why I would like to be able to control moving between groups.

It would also be super helpful is we could allow certain users to see the columns we designate for their viewing and/or editing, but turn off/on permissions to view updates/info boxes associated with pulses. This would be HUGE for my team!!

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there is any news on this???

We are also struggling with user permissions. From my POV, there are 2 problems:

  1. Permission groups
  2. Permission granularity

Permission groups
Currently, there are only 2 permissions groups “owners” and “subscribers”. Owners can do everything on a board and that cannot be changed. And subscribers can either “edit everything”, “edit content”, “edit rows assigned to them”, “view only”. Well, we had a scenario where we needed a 3rd group. We had a few owners who could add columns and groups etc. We had a few people who we wanted to be able to edit content. And then we had a third group of people who we only wanted to be able to view the board.

Permissions granularity
The 4 existing permission levels are quite restrictive. For example “edit content” still allows people to add new pulses - what if we want them to be able to edit existing pulses, but not add new ones? Another example, “edit everything” allows users to add new columns and groups - what if we want them to be able to add new groups, but not new columns?

Suggested solution
You could allow board owners to create custom “groups” and assign users to those groups. Then, as Etjo suggested, allow owners to update a matrix of “activities” against “groups” so that you can have complete granular control over a number of different user groups.



I couldn’t agree with Josh more. This is exactly the same problem we have with permissions and I think Josh has hit upon something with breaking the permissions into groups with granular permissions.

We would greatly benefit from his suggested solution.


This is very needed indeed!

we have many boards of regular tasks to a specific department (operations, IT team, Dev, ect) that we want the members of that team to be able to edit everything (but not be board owners), and the rest of the company to have view only to see the status of their requests.
(*requests are open through a form, so there is no need to have editing rights to open a task)


Bringing this back from the depths as the system still operates on an admin OR user basis which is limiting.

An interim solution would be the ability to take the current set of permission options and apply them to ‘Groups’ or ‘Teams’ of users would be an excellent.

In addition, a new ‘user type’ for Board Owner would solve many challenges also.