User Permissions Key Changes

At the moment team members can still add new boards, duplicate boards, add/edit board automations… which we really don’t want them to do. They just need to be able to add and update pulses within the boards and that’s it. This is often the case with ‘editor’ level access in other systems.

I’ve been assured by the support team that they agree with this and they mentioned it is on the roadmap. However I don’t actually see it on the roadmap and since it was added to enterprise it’s gone a bit quiet. Can we get an update on if and when it should be possible on the pro plan to control vital permissions like this?. It will enable us to simplify the user experience for team members and prevent them from messing up boards they are not admins on. Seems like the functionality is there, we just can’t access it! :frowning:


Agree 100%, but would like to add - We don’t mind users setting up their own boards for lists they want to keep lists for organizing their work, etc, but they should only be able to set up private boards that are not shared with others, unless requested and approved, thus an admin would engage and share their board for them.

Without taking ownership, we need to be able to support these private boards, which is another issue.

As it stands now, I would have to take ownership of the board, in order to see/support it without the person themselves granting access, or knowing that we felt we needed to take a look. This could relate to an HR issue (as an example).

Completely agree with both comments on this thread.
This lack of permission delegation is a major problem across the Monday platform overall - as it’s currently set-up, there are only 2 levels of big-picture permissions; admin and team member. If a user is given admin capability, they have full access to everything within the tool, including API access.

As I’ve said on other threads, Monday is the only saas tool that we use (amongst 15+ others) that doesn’t provide any delegation of permissions, either on a user basis or admin level. Major update needed Monday!