User Permissions

We would love to assign different levels of permissions to users on each board (or by folder would be even better).

On each board (or all boards within a folder), instead of assigning a board permission that applies to all users it would be awesome if we can assign the permission level in the Add Team Members popup in the same way you assign Ownership of the board.

We are currently awkwardly sort of getting around this by using the “Edit rows assigned to them in the Editing Permissions column” setting on the Board Permissions. However, the big drawback to this is that the users we would like to be using the Edit Content permission level are instead using the “Edit rows assigned” permission and they can not create any new pulses or move pulses between groups or boards.

To try to get around that we are creating extra ‘To Be Assigned’ pulses and are using an automation that assigns the users we want to edit content to each new pulse as they are added to the boards.

Having the ability to add permission level by user would be such a step forward for us and remove these awkward workflows.

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Yeah, I really need permissions that prevent someone from exporting the board.