Using a Board to Hold Eye Catching/ Graphics on things like Team Guidelines and Strategic Goals as well as tasks

We have built an M&A Integration Playbook in and each team has a focus area such as Operations, Sales, Finance, etc. The teams are tracking their milestones and tasks for the integration work on their board and we are looking for recommendations or an app that can be at the top of the board or an added view on the board which allows us to highlight things like the “Strategic Goal Statement”, “Guiding Principles”, and “Outcomes” the team is shooting for…these don’t change but need to be visually displayed not in a table but in something more eye catching. Any ideas?

Hey @amy.douglas, welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Have you thought about using a dashboard to highlight these kinds of things? I am imagining that Text and Numbers widgets would be great ways to draw attention to what the team is shooting for, inconjunction with milestones and tasks (which you could track The Timeline Widget and The Table Widget respectively). What do you think?