Using a formula result to populate data in a secondary board

Is it possible/has anyone developed an app yet that will allow the results of a formula to be populated/copied into a new pulse created on a different board. The current automations do not have the formula column as an option for populating the data field in the automation configuration.

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Hi @jdavies-IDD

There is an app “General Caster” that does some formula actions at the server side and store the outcome as a normal column. Best to contact @rob for that one.

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Thanks Bas.

John Davies

No luck on Caster. Caster is actually running the formula. Current Castor does not support the concatenation to create the project number.

This almost needs to be a “when status changes to XXXX copy (formula column contents) to column YYYY”. Where column “YYYY” is a text column. At which point the text column can be used to populate the pulse in the other board.

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Hi @jdavies-IDD.
What’s the problem you are experiencing?
Could you please share a brief video showing what’s wrong?
Thanks for your feedback.

Hey there @rob and @basdebruin - thanks for being on top of this and helping us out! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to clarify and shed a bit more light on why the Formula column is not supported in automations in the way you are looking for. At the moment, all Formula column results are calculated on the client-side, so all of the results you are seeing are created and displayed within your browser only. Our servers do not get the values from the column, so there is nothing for the automations to pull. Does that make sense?


It does and that’s what I thought you would say. (I know enough programming to be dangerous, but also enough knowledge to understand). I will be supplying some additional images and video to show Rob/Bas what is happening.

Thank you all for your help!!

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GREAT NEWS!! Not sure what I did wrong yesterday, but things are working perfectly today.

Thanks again for the help and great app.



I have to say, this comment. cracked me up:

(I know enough programming to be dangerous, but also enough knowledge to understand).

Thanks for your understanding and willingness to make things right - I’m glad everything is working well on your end now :slight_smile: