Using a Formula to output a new date based off a timeline end date and dropdown selections

Hi Guys,

I am trying to setup a formula to determine a due date output which adds business days (mon,tues,wed,thur.fri) depending on the selected dropdown options to an existing timeline end date.

For example…

Initial timeline dates Jan 29 - Feb 5

Dropdown entries.
A = 2 business days
B = 5 business days
C = 10 business days
D = 15 business days
E = 20 business days

Output = Timeline end date + (Combinations of A B C D or E) = New due date

Your help is much appreciated.


This formula uses two undocumented functions WORKDAY() and FIND()… you can find out more about some of the undocumented functions here: The monday Hidden Functions.

IF(FIND("A,", {Dropdown} & ","), 2, 0) + 
IF(FIND("B,", {Dropdown} & ","), 5, 0) + 
IF(FIND("C,", {Dropdown} & ","), 10, 0) + 
IF(FIND("D,", {Dropdown} & ","), 15, 0) + 
IF(FIND("E,", {Dropdown} & ","), 20, 0) 
, "")

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Thanks Jim,

This worked a treat, and thank you for the link to the Monday Hidden functions.


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