Using a Mirrored Column when the pulse isn't linked to anything

I would like a workaround or solution to an issue I’m having with the limitations of mirrored columns.

I have a board that compiles a list of a subset of our volunteers, as well as some volunteers from partner organizations, to track them for a certain grant. Most of these volunteers - the ones that come from our own org - are listed originally in our CRM of all volunteers, and linked to this board with some of their information mirrored. However, when a volunteer did not sign up with us directly, they don’t have a pulse in our Volunteer Board to link to.

The problem is that this grant requires documentation for each volunteer we want to count. I’ve been using the waivers that all our volunteers sign, and mirroring in the “document” column to this grant board. But this way, when I want to add documentation for a volunteer who isn’t linked (ie, from another org), I can’t add it to that column without making them their own entry in our database (which I don’t want to do because it would likely confuse my coworkers, add noise to the board, etc).

A screenshot of what I’ve been doing, with a separate column for those not linked, may help clarify my problem.


My first thought would be to create a seperate board similar to your Volunteer Board where you could add people coming from the other orgs. Then with a slight tweak to the Volunteer Link and Signed Document columns to connect the new board everything would keep working basically the same without adding any additional columns to the grant board.

The ability to link to multiple boards is not new. However, using mirror columns from multiple linked boards is. This is a great example where it can be very helpful.

By the way, not sure why you might have “Forest R.” linked to twice, so this may not work for you. But if you turn off the “Allow linking to multiple items” setting on the Volunteer Link column, you can access the connected item directly by just clicking on it once it is set.

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I would agree with @JCorrell here. Using the multi boards mirroring functionality would solve this easily for you. Additionally you would be able to gather information about how many volunteers aren’t signing up with you directly and help you gather metrics on that too.

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