Using a Workdoc as a portal to all of small co's workspaces

I am organizing for a small company. I was entertaining using a Workdoc to function as a kind of entering portal for the company – including forms that all employees might use (marking vacation days, asking for bio updates, sharing company news, making company wide requests). I think, however, that I may be misunderstanding where Workdocs fit in the hierarchy. They appear nested under specific workspaces. I was going to nest this one under a shared workspace. However, I wanted to have the workdoc feature connections to the company’s five business unit workspaces. I am only able to connect specific boards not a portal to the workspaces themselves. What am I missing?

Hi Emily,

Are you looking for a Workspace URL?

If you click on the Workspace, it takes you to a workspace splash page, which has a unique url:

Or were you looking for something else?

Although to be honest, I’d recommend using a board rather than a workdoc for this. A simple board with descriptive names, categorised into groups with URLs to forms, workspaces, and boards will be more useful I think. You can also have a column for video guides on each process. That’s typically how I build documentation on at least.