Using change_multiple_column_values to update multiple Columns in an item

Hi All,

I’m trying to use change_multiple_column_values ( Guide to Changing Column Values) to update multiple columns in an item using on query. However I keep getting a 500 server error:

I’ve tried a number of ways i.e.

{“query”: “mutation { change_multiple_column_values ( item_id: 3618440629, board_id: 3618438405, column_values:"{\"status\":\"Done\",\"status9”:\"Done\",“status8\":\"Stuck\",\"status4\":\"Stuck\",\"status0\":\"Not started\",\"status89\":\"Not started\",}") {id}}”}

{“query”: “mutation { change_multiple_column_values ( item_id: 3618440629, board_id: 3618438405, column_values:”{“status”:“Done”,“status9”:“Done”,“status8”:“Stuck”,“status4”:“Stuck”,“status0”:“Not started”,“status89”:“Not started”,}“) {id}}”}

and {“query”: “mutation { change_multiple_column_values ( item_id: 3618440629, board_id: 3618438405, column_values:”{“status”:"Done",“status9”:"Done",“status8”:"Stuck",“status4”:"Stuck",“status0”:"Not started",“status89”:"Not started",}“) {id}}”}

am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Cwedl

Looks like you are struggling with escaping the quotes. As this forum also escapes quote characters it is always a good idea to write your examples inside a preformatted text block. Below example is working.

mutation {
    board_id: 123456789
    item_id: 9876564321
    column_values: "{\"status\": \"Stuck\", \"status1\": \"Stuck\"}"
  ) {

Thanks for putting me in the right direction. in the end I had to modify further, here is the working script:

{"query": "mutation {change_multiple_column_values (board_id: {BoardID}, item_id: {itemId}, column_values:\"{\\\"status\\\":\\\"{GovernanceStatus}\\\",\\\"status9\\\":\\\"{DefineStatus}\\\",\\\"status8\\\":\\\"{DesignStatus}\\\",\\\"status4\\\":\\\"{BuildStatus}\\\",\\\"status0\\\":\\\"{TestStatus}\\\",\\\"status89\\\":\\\"{DeployStatus}\\\"}\"){id}}"}