Using "Column" in Settings to Get Column Name

How do I get the column name from the settings when using the “Column” setting in a board view? At first glance, the column input in the settings is exactly what I wanted: to choose a column in a board. But when you look at what comes out, all you get is a boolean. How do I get identifying information about the column from the settings so that I can match it up with the board data?


Hello there @jBoetticher!

The id of the column is in the response you get, before the value of the boolean.

In your case, the column ids would be “numbers” and “people”.

I hope that helps!


Unfortunately the column selection feature stopped working in entirety. It no longer shows my columns, and trying to create a column throws an error in the console.

Hello @jBoetticher!

Can you please send an email to with the description of the issue, all the screenshots you think are relevant and the script you are using so we can take a closer look?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face: