Using data from external recourses/databases to fill tables in Monday

I am new to Monday and wish to use data from external resources or databases to fill tables in dashboards on monday. Can anyone guide me through this or at least point me to the right direction?

Hi @guyonmonday,

Welcome to the community! we hope you like it here :rocket:

What would you like to do with the data once it’s in a Monday board? Is the goal to use this data to make dashboards? for example, dashboards can be used for better data visualization using graphs, charts, etc.

Hi Alessandra,

Yes, I wish to append this data to records in dashboards that already exist in our monday environment.

To add to my previous response. I found a tutorial that explains the basics of how to work with monday’s APIusing python. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to achieve the same but using Java instead. Is it possible?

Hello @guyonmonday!

We do not offer language-specific solutions. Personally, I do not have experience with Java, but I suggest you check in the community for previous topics related to using Java with our API and check what you find!

Also, let’s hope someone who does have experience with Java, can jump into this topic and give you some ideas :slightly_smiling_face:


What external sources do you want to use? I heard about Zoho and Microsoft as being easy to use, edit and manage. After your database is ready, you can sell it for decent money to b2b data providers. Now, you have to make the most outstanding and attractive digital database with relevant and modern comics. I hope you will manage to fulfill the task.