Using Linkage column as input field in custom action

Hi all!

I`m trying to build an integration recipe (custom action) which uses a column from another board. I know this is possible since built-in recipes (like connect boards) use this already.

I see that in workflow blocks definition, you can add an input fields which is a ‘linkage column’. However, this field is not configurable in the Recipe editor (i.e. I cannot set its dependency). Hence, whenever I try to use my recipe with linkage column in it, I always get ‘select bord first’.

It seems that the only way I can achieve this is by using dynamic item mapping. If so, how would you do this ? Can I return the possible column Ids in the dynamic item mapping definition ?

I would prefer to use the built in linkage column, how can I do this ?

Hello @guidou4,

I have a few questions:

  1. How do you want to use the column from the other board?
  2. Is it always the same board or do you need the user to be able to select the board in the recipe from a dropdown and then the column from another dropdown?
  3. What does the recipe do?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Matias.Monday,

  1. I use the column Id from the column as well as the selected board. I only want to get the columnId and boardId. I’m not interrested in the column value that much since I can query it afterward via the API.

  2. I need the board to be selectable in the automation recipe, so its not always the same. I also need the column to be selectable.

  3. The recipe uses the selected board & column as well as the content of a connect-board column of the trigger item to copy other board’s column content in trigger item.

Essentially, I want my recipe to work very similar to the existing:

“create item & connect boards”

What I do is:

“When an item is created, copy content of column from board <linkageColumn’s board> of item that is linked in column ”

Hello again,

Thank you for that information.

As of today, you can not get that action working as you want it to. This is because (if I understand correctly) you want the user to choose a board in the recipe and then according to which board was selected, you want to show a dropdown of the relevant columns (from that board) in the next field in the recipe, so that the user can select one.

The issue is that when the user selects a board in the recipe, that information does not get sent to your app before the recipe is added to the board. So you don’t know which board to use to show the different columns in your columns dropdown.

That is what you wanted to do, right?

Hi @Matias.Monday ,

Thanks for your answers.

I think you understand what I want to achieve. I know that Monday won’t call my app until the recipe is added to the board. However, I would have thought that a call to my app is not necessary for this…For example, this recipe already exists within monday, and it exactly achieves what I want to achieve:

How can I do it the same way tham the above recipe does it ? Otherwise, can you please tell me what these field types are for in workflow block definition ?


Hi @guidou4,

To implement this, you could make a custom field for which you implement your own logic. You’d also need to set that your field has a dependency on the previous board field and then make an API call to fetch the columns of that board.

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Hi @alessandra ,

I will give it a try, thanks!

Let us know what happens @guidou4 !


So thanks to @alessandra solution it works but not without limitations. It seems that as soon as you add a dependency to your custom field, the workflow block cannot be published to automation center anymore.

It will do for some of my workflow blocks but not all of them since I need the possibility to add conditions to triggers.

Thanks anyway!

Would be great to see in the future that custom fields dependencies are available within an automation and not integration only. To simplify things, the dependency could be scoped to a single action block .

Hello @guidou4,

I am glad that that worked (with limitations)!

I will add a request from your feedback. Thank you for that!