Using Mirror Columns with Automations and Integrations


I know there was some talk about this before, but is there any update or time-frame about this topic?
This would be huge improvement for functionality of platform, and allow for building more “natural” boards, instead of duplication of information on multiple boards and workflows as a “workaround” for lack of this feature.

+1 on this requested feature.


Thanks for bringing this up! I see that the request for Automations to support mirrored columns has been passed already. I have added the request for integrations to support this as well.

I am unable to offer an accurate time frame because there is a large backlog of requests, but these features are in mind. thanks for your feedback, one question, do you know when the mirror and rollup features will be working when you link to multiple boards? The app says that will be ready soon, this is a needed feature. With this we need to improve the link method with the possibility on linking to groups or entire boards.

Hey @hlopezvc! The ability to mirror items from multiple boards is on the roadmap for later this year, so stay tuned :+1:


Any update on this question?

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Hi @rodrigo.roha

No update from our product team as of this moment, the request has been placed in their backlog and is still under consideration. We appreciate you checking it!

Hi Eric,

Looping back to see if this is anywhere on the roadmap? We’re demoing Monday and this is already seeming like a feature that would be huge for us.

Thank you!