Using monday automations and Gmail integration to deal with discount requests from users

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As you know, providing the best customer support is one of our cornerstone values here at We aim to answer every email within 10 minutes and give users the most relevant information in the shortest time possible.

We receive many emails from users asking us for discounts (which we offer for NPOs and Educational institutions). We felt this was a process which could be automated and would give users a better experience—less back and forths and a super quick turnaround time from the point of contact to receiving a code if they qualified.

Our amazing CSM @Juan created this silky smooth process, which uses both forms, automations and integrations.

The process starts in Zendesk. We receive an email asking for an NPO or educational discount. We send the user a response and include the link to this form: forms are found in the Views Center and allow you to convert your board into a form. Each time someone submits the form, it creates a new pulse on the board connected to the form and populates the columns with the answers to each of the questions.

In this form, the user fills out all information about their request, including the documentation required to prove their status as NPO, if required.

Heres a screenshot of the board:
The answer to the question “please select the most relevant type of team you lead” in the form i.e. either NPO or Educational, will populate the column “Type”. We have set automations on the board, “When a status column changes to something move to group” so the new pulses will automatically move to the relevant group based on “Type”.
Customer Success Managers then check the board, the information and documentation. Using the status column, they change the status column to match the type of discount to be sent or, if things are missing or the organization is large, choose the relevant label from the choices below:

Clicking on “Send NGO Discount”, “Send Edu Discount”, “Send Startup Code”, or ”Needs documentation”

, automatically triggers tailored emails to the user’s email address, inside the email column, through multiple Gmail integrations, also set on the board:

The email sent appears in the updates section of the pulse automatically. Using another integration with Gmail, any future response received from the user, will also appear in the updates section of the pulse, keeping everything organized and in one place. The integration used is:

The CSM then changes the status to “Code Sent” or “Response Sent”, depending which type of email was sent. Using multiple automations, “when a status changes to something, move pulse to group”, the pulses are then automatically moved to the relevant group e.g. Sent.


OMG! THIS IS AWESOME! I didn’t realize you could automatically send Gmail responses with changing a status. Mind BLOWN :exploding_head: I love this and will be integrating it asap for all the copy/paste emails we send with people asking the same questions over and over.

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