Using as a content source for an external search system

Has anyone (or company) built an adapter to use as a content source for Elastic Workplace Search (or similar tool)?

We’re investigating either something like this, or we need to pump out resolved issue discussions to an external system for archival/retreival.

As far as I know your best bet would be to pull data using Monday SDK by building a utility.

ok, thanks for the reply.

It seems unfortunate to have to make a copy just to expose it for search indexing; I think the content sources use an API standard like OpenSearch. Maybe for the team - is there a plan to do any kind of search federation?

Hey @paul.whitaker,

Let me check in with the team on this and get back to you with more information.


Thanks. For placement, we are hoping to use Elasticsearch to search SharePoint, ZenDesk, Discourse and - there are established search adapters for Elastic for the other 3.

I asked Elastic as well, and it looks like we need to bulk create documents into their tool based on items and updates in

Your best bet for integrating into Workplace Search would be by creating a custom connector through the API. I’ve included some docs below that outline the process in further detail.


To glue this together I think we would need the GraphQL API call(s) for We would want to get all items and updates across all boards, and provide a link back to that item if the search result hits. Is this possible?