Using for KPIs

I am an online retailer and am trialling Other than using it for project management, I’d like to know if it can be used for KPIs? Does anyone use it for historical data rather than just monthly targets etc? I’d like to see if it can be used to store months worth of KPIs as well as create KPIs for the rest of the year.

Hi @Toon - Welcome to the community! Yes, we have several clients who collect data running their businesses with monday and measure/track KPIs. If you would like to chat about your specific needs and explore ways KPIs can be handled, you can book a complimentary strategy session here: Book a call with Polished Geek: Do more with monday․com

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Hi @Toon! A lot of people use for KPIs and historical data. These two articles may be helpful for ideas: Basic reporting with and Basic reporting with

If you are on our Enterprise plan, the Pivot Board and Widgets are a great option for data analysis: Pivot Board .