Using Offline

Hi team,

Would love to have an offline version of for those of us who spend a lot of times on the planes and in super remote places :). Ideally, the offline version would sync with the online version once the user is back online. :slight_smile: Thank you! Love your work.


Thanks for sharing this feedback and thank you for your compliment! Weโ€™ve had this request in the past but itโ€™s not so in demand. We are documenting and tracking this to see if this is possible and how to implement this in the future. Iโ€™ll share this with our product team so they can use this as reference! :slight_smile:

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To be honest I think this would be really great but for me it is indeed a low prio feature.

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+1 for Offline Mode

We have a lot of technicians who work with monday and in often at building lots the have no internet connection.
I will love it to use the offline mode during travelling by plane also