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Hi team,

Would love to have an offline version of for those of us who spend a lot of times on the planes and in super remote places :). Ideally, the offline version would sync with the online version once the user is back online. :slight_smile: Thank you! Love your work.


Thanks for sharing this feedback and thank you for your compliment! We’ve had this request in the past but it’s not so in demand. We are documenting and tracking this to see if this is possible and how to implement this in the future. I’ll share this with our product team so they can use this as reference! :slight_smile:

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To be honest I think this would be really great but for me it is indeed a low prio feature.

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+1 for Offline Mode

We have a lot of technicians who work with monday and in often at building lots the have no internet connection.
I will love it to use the offline mode during travelling by plane also


Offline is a critical feature for anyone who

  1. Spends time on planes
  2. Spends time in developing countries

Moreover, ALL your competitors function offline through their apps. The web version doesn’t need to work offline, but if your mobile and desktop apps don’t work offline, that minimizes one of the main reasons for even having an app.

I paid lots of $$ to use because I love it so much, but I’m currently having to switch everything over to my FREE Trello account just so I can get work done on planes and in Africa. I’m trying to run an international organization and this lack of functionality (that even free apps already have) is making useless to me.

This would definitely be useful for my team as we travel all over the US and often find ourselves without internet (trains, planes). This is especially difficult for when we have meetings and need to record all minutes that require action. Currently, we make lists on excel and then batch copy to the corresponding board whenever we get some access. This causes a delay between the time when we have the meeting and when our team members not present get the notification that action is required.
More complex usability in offline mode would be the cherry on top, but this basic use is really impacting our team.
Aside from this, we are loving Monday!!! We even fully migrated to it to get past some of the awkward yoga poses our previous software was forcing us into :wink: