Using number of days instead of date due in template

Hello! Newb here. Sorry if this is too basic to ask but I just can’t find an answer.

I want to set up a template. Instead of using specific dates for the date column, I want to set up # of days to complete & have automatically generate the dates.

For example:

Let’s say the template is to be used every time there’s an email campaign. One of the items in the template is to finalize the email’s subject line. I’d like to give the assignee up to 2 days to finalize the subject. Instead of inputting a specific date, I want to automatically generate the date by adding 2 days to the templates activation date.

If the template was initialized on January 1st, then knowing the item takes 2 days, should automatically generate January 3rd as the due date for finalizing the email’s subject line.

How can I do this?

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You should be able to achieve this by using the creation date column and a formula to ad 2 days

The formula would be
FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Creation Log 1#Date},2))

As a new item is created it gets a created date, this date wont change so the formula can just add the 2 days as needed

Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 10.26.38

Hope this gives you what you need
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Hi @GSN - welcome to the community.

This sounds like a perfect use case for dependencies. You can setup all your dependencies in the template with a set of “dummy” dates. Then when you change the top date on creation of your board from the template, it will ripple through and adjust all your due dates automatically. This way you are using a base Date column which is available for automations.

You can learn more about dependencies here: How to set dependencies on – Support

Hope this helps!

I assume your formula factors in whether “Hide Weekends” is selected for “Timeline Weekends” under General settings. Is there a way for your formula to factor in holidays (like the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday) into the calculation?

For instance, if I started a project on Monday November 21, and indicate that Task 2 should take 6 days, then will your formula calculate that the due date is next Wednesday November 29? It shouldn’t count Thursday & Friday (which are holidays), nor Saturday & Sunday (which are the weekend). So the 6 days should be Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday of this week, plus Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday of next week, for a total of 6 business days.

Mark - since I’m new to I’m not sure what you’re referring to as the “top date”. Where is that located? Can it be set automatically so the user doesn’t have to input it manually when they instantiate from a template?

Hi @GSN - by “top date” I mean the initial start date that can ripple down to all the other dependent tasks. Basically, within your template setup your start date as a dummy date (Jan 1 for instance) then add in all the other dates and dependencies with the gaps you would like. Then all that needs to be done is to change the start date on the new board and it will alter all the dependent dates.

Hope this helps

Hi Guy, @GSN
You can indeed factor in working days and add any holidays that you need to exempt with the WORKDAYS formula

In the example below i have excluded weekend & added Monday & Tuesday as holidays
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 07.09.57

Created 23rd Added 3 days = Number of working days =4 (Note includes start date & end date)
Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, & Wed 30th
Weekend excluded
I excluded Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th as Holidays

You can see the count of days being 6 and the working days as being 4

Examples used
Creation Log 1 field - This is just the standard out the box creation log field
WORKDAYS - Excludes weekends
NETWORKDAYS - Excludes weekends and also lets you add holiday days

Add Number of Days Field -
WORKDAY omits weekend then use the ARGS2ARRAY section to add Holidays to Omit
FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Creation Log 1#Date}, 3, ARGS2ARRAY(“2022/11/28”, “2022/11/29”)))

Number of Days -
This gives number of days between 2 dates (Excluding Weekend)
NETWORKDAYS({Creation Log 1#Date},{Add Number of Working Days})

Number of Working Days -
This give number of working days between 2 dates omiting and Holidays
NETWORKDAYS({Creation Log 1#Date}, {Add Number of Working Days}, ARGS2ARRAY(“2022/11/28”, “2022/11/29”))

Hope this helps
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I’m glad to see at least one person is using my Hidden Functions work.

Good job Dan!


@DanIngham-IOI Sorry it’s taken me a bit of time to reply on this. Any chance you’d be available for a quick zoom call next week so I could pick your brain about what’s going on here with your formula?