Using start date/end date columns as input to timeline

Hi Monday fans,

I have imported a long list of budget breakdown (1588 pulses) with a column “Start date” and a column “End date”. I would like to use these two columns as inputs for a new timeline column. Any idea on how to do that?

Hi @maleroy , Matthieu,

I suggest to use Integromat for this. It is a bit of a learning curve, but I am confident this can be done by iterating through all the items of the board / group and then use the two dates to create a timeline out of it.

I have the same request. I’ve imported a list from Excel originally generated from MS Planner with 2 columns one for start and one for end date. As I understand, I need to convert these to timelines to be able to see it in a Gantt Chart. I won’t do it manually - 1,000+ lines across 10+ boards, and it seems silly to have to use a 3rd party to perform this basic task in a PM software. Any other way of doing this?

Hi @cgrynberg, @maleroy

I have an app with a feature that uses this configuration sentence:

It is still in development (expect to release it in a few days).

Can you let me know what column types you are using to hold the start and end-dates? Are these monday Date columns or text columns holding a date in a specific format. The feature is currently using monday Data columns but i case you use a specific format please let me know how that format looks like. I can try to incorporate other date formats in this app.

As the conversion is triggered by a status changing to a value (e.g. “Convert”) it can easily be used to change large number of rows in one go as you can multi select the items where you want the conversion to take place.

Hi @cgrynberg, @maleroy

The automation feature is now adde to the app, see Monday app with automations released
Hope it helps you migrating and converting, have fun!