Using the phone number type when you don't know the country code

When I’m passing data to the platform, I won’t always know the country that corresponds to the phone number I have. Frequently, even, I won’t have that information available when I need to make a request for mutation. I can pass an empty string for countryShortName so the API doesn’t complain. Since the country isn’t known, it’s understandable that a flag is unable to be displayed.

To make life a bit more manageable, what is, then, the default display for the phone number? For my account, based in the United States, I see xxx xxx xxxx. Is this the default for all users across the platform or is this based on the given user’s country_code off the User object?

Additionally, if anyone else has dealt with this and has a decent workaround, I’m all ears!

Hello @riosd!

Are you referring to the spaces that are set in between the numbers?

@Matias.Monday: Yup, just wondering what to expect across users across time zones.

Yes Zapier does not like these little spaces. It is becoming a PITA

Hey folks! Sorry for the brief radio silence here, our engineers were investigating this.

IMPORTANT: many of the examples below will stop working when we enable phone column validation. This will roll out next week. Please read this section of our API reference to learn more about our validations: Validaiton rules and Announcement

If you pass a country to the phone column, it’ll be displayed in that international format.
So passing the value "{\"phone\": \"+6591949245\", \"countryShortName\": \"SG\"}" results in this display:

If you don’t pass a country and it’s a recognized international number, it’ll use that and display in that format.
So the value "{\"phone\": \"+6591949245\", \"countryShortName\": \"\"}" results in:

If you don’t pass a country or it’s not a valid number, it’ll be rejected by our API’s column validation. Old values will display in a standard format xxx xxx xxxxxxx.
So the value {\"phone\": \"+659134252949245\", \"countryShortName\": \"\"} results in: