Using the phone number type when you don't know the country code

When I’m passing data to the platform, I won’t always know the country that corresponds to the phone number I have. Frequently, even, I won’t have that information available when I need to make a request for mutation. I can pass an empty string for countryShortName so the API doesn’t complain. Since the country isn’t known, it’s understandable that a flag is unable to be displayed.

To make life a bit more manageable, what is, then, the default display for the phone number? For my account, based in the United States, I see xxx xxx xxxx. Is this the default for all users across the platform or is this based on the given user’s country_code off the User object?

Additionally, if anyone else has dealt with this and has a decent workaround, I’m all ears!

Hello @riosd!

Are you referring to the spaces that are set in between the numbers?

@Matias.Monday: Yup, just wondering what to expect across users across time zones.

Yes Zapier does not like these little spaces. It is becoming a PITA