Using the Primary Column in a formula create multiple columns

I am a new user to and I am working on a proof of concept to make my decision if will support our needs. I need to see if there is a solution for the following:

I am currently e-mailing with the following “24,0070,32,24A10,00001,00100.00,00300.00,Fire Inspection Contract” in the subject line. When recieves the email it uses the subject line to populate the Task Column (Primary Column) with the this information.

Segments | 1 | 2 | 3| 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |
“24,0070,32,24A10,00001,00100.00,00300.00,Fire Inspection Contract”

I would like to populate the follwing columns with the data from the Task Column automaticly.

Segment 1 to Column “FY”
Segment 2 to Column “PRID”
Segment 3 to Column “Program”
Segment 4 to Column “Site”
Segment 5 to Column “Building”
Segment 6 to Column “State Amount”
Segment 7 to Column “Fed Amount”
Segment 8 to Column “Purchase Description”

Thank you

Hello there @bf4nlb8,

I believe you are using this feature. As of today, it is not possible to do what you want to do via an email.

You can use our API to send data to those columns with a pretty straight forward HTTP request.

You could also try doing this with a no-code platform such as Zapier or which would not require any coding.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:


Good morning

Thank you for your response. Do you have any information for me on how to do this using API to have this data be sent to the columns with a HTTP request? or can provide me with a quote for training me on how to create this code / walk me through how to do this? I am not a programmer today, but I did some coding many years ago and I would like to learn how API works and be able to use it in the future.

Thank you,

Hello again,

You can check our API documentation here.

Depending on the column type, you will have to use one or another format to send the information over (each column type accepts a specific format. You can check all of the docs).

Regarding training, you can check if this fits your needs :grin:

You can also check this section if you want someone to help you with this.



I would recommend using Make to add this functionality.

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Thank you @JCorrell for the suggestion!!

I am not using the primary column I am tring to add two number columns. Is very strange that the window disappears before I can even start with adding the columns for the formula.


I recommend that you submit the adding columns issue to

Hello again @bf4nlb8 as @JCorrell said, if the issue you are referring to when you say that the “window disappears” is related to the regular use of monday’s UI, you can send an email to If if you have any issue related to the apps framework or the API, you can send an email to :grin: