Using Timeline Column as "Date" in Automations

How does using a timeline column as a “date” in an automation recipe work? For example, with the recipe “When date arrives, move item to group”

  • If I use When date arrives at Hour, nothing happens, neither when the beginning of the timeline arrives, nor when the end of the timeline passes. I’ve tried this on multiple boards, and it just does not work.
  • If instead I use X days before date arrives at Hour, will that trigger before the beginning of the timeline?
  • Similarly, if I use X days after date arrives at Hour, will that trigger after the end of the timeline?

I’d like to know more about this functionality, not just for the above example, but also for other automation recipes (e.g. When date arrives… notify someone, archive the item, and status is, custom recipes, etc.)


I had the same issue (ie wanting to base an automation based on the ‘start date’ of a timeline instead of the ‘end date’) and it seems that currrently only takes the end date into consideration for timeline automations.
I also found this feature request so I’ve voted for it:)

I think another reason for confusion is the use of the term ‘arrives’ in timeline automations.(it should be (when timenline) ‘ends’