Using Zapier to sync googlesheets with

I would like to sync my googlesheets with using zapier. I want to be able to make updates to my google sheets that automatically update my board. I know with zapier I have to use monday API, but I’m a little confused with how to go about doing that.

Has anyone that used this integration before? Or can anyone provide support with using zapier for this integration?

Thank you!

Hello there @deryann,

I do not have experience syncing Googlesheets with but please do let me know if you have any trouble with the blocks in Zapier (the triggers or actions from monday).


Thank you @Matias.Monday

I contacted zapier about this challenge I’m running into with the integration and they mentioned that I would need to use Monday API to update multiple rows on my board. Here is our thread for reference

Do you know how I can set up the Monday API in Zapier? That is the current challenge I’m having.

Hello again @deryann,

We do not have a mutation that updates multiple items at once.

Having said that, if you want to update multiple items with one HTTP request, you can use an action in Zapier that allows you to send HTTP requests, and send a request to our API (POST request to and use this approach to send multiple mutations in one request.

You would need to use the correct mutation to change the column values according to the columns you are using. You will find all the information and examples in the link I posted here.

You can find the instructions to get your API token here.


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