Utilising the messaging functionality 100%

Hi, we’re looking to pilot 100% communication through the Monday platform. This means nothing in email (outlook) and use Monday for all communication, both internally, across departments and externally to suppliers. Does anyone that may have done this previously have any tips or learning experiences? Thanks!

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The only way you’ll communicate with your suppliers is making them guests in monday - so they can see updates. The downside is you will struggle to keep external parties from seeing each others communications unless you separate them by board. That may not be conducive to any associated workflows.

Additionally the “public” nature of mdc means you will be unable to have any one-on-one conversations in your team. How will you handle private communications with supervisors for example that aren’t part of any business process?

Unless you meant 100% of communication related to a business process in monday - then that is doable. But I can’t imagine the frustration users will have being unable to communicate about non-business process items without creating a business process for it. Not to mention the absolute lack of privacy in communications.

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I think he is talking about utilizing Emails and Activities to communicate externally. (Using Monday CRM). Which is an option.

But one thing I might add for internal communication: Monday is not Slack or Teams. It has no direct communication options. So that is one thing to consider.

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I excluded Emails & Activities since they said nothing in email - and email and activities still uses your email (exchange/outlook / gmail) as the backend.

If using Emails & Activities is the plan then that’s going to fall on its face since it can’t properly thread the emails by item (except apparently in the new Service product only). This means they will be seeing all emails with that vendor in E&A regardless of what item. Plus E&A doesn’t handle multiple email columns etc. so while you can add people to an email, if they reply it falls down from the automations and tracking standpiont. Kind of defeats the purpose since the whole purpose is to communicate about a particular item in a workflow.

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You can use the ‚sent from this item‘ filter to only include Email communication related to a particular Item.

There is only a bug that currently excludes other activities from the ‚sent from this item‘ filter.

As another option - when using a text column to store the email instead of an email column, you can actually have only item based communication

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Thankyou @shayan.moussawi and @codyfrisch for your inputs thus far. These are all very valid points for us to consider. We’re probably going to leave the suppliers out for now and keep it to internal comms for our first pilot. How about landing this with the team? And controlling the number of notifications etc? We will obviously turn off the email notifications! Thanks!