Verify contact details from internet content

I’m hoping that there’s an easier way to discover and update contact details.

I typically only know the first and last name of a new contact and the name of the business they work for. So I’m having to Google for the address and phone number of the business and then separately find the person and hopefully enough information to complete their details too, e.g. office phone, cell phone, email address, job title, etc.

I can hoped that there might be an integration that took the little data that you have, and then completed the rest for you based on automated searching of LinkedIn, etc. Does such a thing exist as I have yet to stumble across it?


That is an interesting problem. I did a little bit of searching. One service that I found that has an API is There are most likely others. If it works, using something like Integromat to interface with monday should be fairly straight forward. If you would be interested in pursuing that, I’d be more that happy to help.


Thanks for the suggestion Jim, I have taken a look and can see that something like this may be what we need. Unfortunately we are a cash-strapped start-up so for the time being these things are going in the ‘nice to have’ bucket.