Versioning with local host ngrok

Does pushing minor or major versions work when the app is using ngrok for tunneling and is local hosted?
I pushed a change, added a llama farm, to a dashboard that is part of an app I’m working on and the change didn’t show up in the installed version. Is it because it’s a local tunnel for OAuth, that I’m admin on the account I’m testing on or something I’m missing while promoting to a Live version?
It installed fine, then I changed a couple things like the llama farm in my workspace I’m using for development and promoted to Live with no changes to the installed copy as my results.




Hello there @sdarby,

Would you be able to please send us an email to so we can take a look into it from there?

Please include:

  • Your account ID
  • Your user ID
  • A step by step on what you are doing

If you can send over a screen recording (maybe using Loom, which is free), that would also be super helpful!

Looking forward to hearing from you over email!


@Matias.Monday I’m sorry I got wrapped up in a couple other issues and will get back to this topic as it is an important one but other higher app priorities jumped on my plate!

I hope to get back to this in the evening during this week!


Hello again @sdarby,

Looking forward to hearing from you via email then!