Vertical timeline view

Hi! Over the past years, my team has come into a conclusion that timeline views are always way more efficient when they are displayed vertically (instead of horizontally like in Monday at the moment). See the attached screenshot for a quickly made example, just to get the idea.

Could you please make it happen in Monday? Maybe as a Christmas present for us and the community? :wink: I believe this would greatly enhance many teams’ work!

Some benefits that would come from the vertical timeline:

  • The big picture of task allocations is a lot easier to see

  • Tasks’ names are displayed completely regardless of how many days they take (in other words, they are not cut off if the next day includes some other tasks, which is what happens in the current horizontal timeline)

  • Multiple tasks for the same day can be easily seen

  • The timeline would be more compact (there is some redundant spaciousness in the current horizontal timeline, which affects negatively seeing the big picture)

+1 on this. i Cant vote!