Video Revision Process

Hello all!

We are a video production agency, so after shooting a commercial we have an internal revision process, and then an external client revision process.

Our Problem:
Currently our workflow is that our editor uploads the first draft to google drive and pasts a link inside Then myself and our account manager review it, offer feedback, and our editor makes the revisions and posts another link to google drive. Same process with client revisions. What I don’t like about this process is having to write out timecode to point to the issues with the video edit.

Proposed Solution: is a website that solves our video revision problem, it allows timecode-synced comments that integrate directly into our editor video editing software. We don’t want to use, because we want everything to live inside of I.E We never send emails regarding projects, and instead communication via

Are there any other companies on here that have a revisions process for their digital products? How does your process work? Short of creating a integration, (Which I’ve submitted a ticket for) I’m not sure what our best workflow should be.

I’ve sort of elected myself as the researcher, haha! I LOVE this platform. Our whole team does.

Video Production Coordinator