View/download full typeform


As an administrator and recipient of the type form, I would like the ability to view/download the form in its entirety. Currently, seeing it in fragments since there is no wrap text is very difficult. The download feature would be great so that I can attach the typeform to future projects based on the request submitted.

Thank you!

Hi @YaninaO!

Are you referring to the ability to download the form from the circled field below?

Or are you referring to the way it appears when you access it on Typeform itself?

Ideally to download the form when you access the typeform. Basically, since there is no text wrapping in the row, we started utilizing the kanban view to see what the request is. However, in order to see the whole response (since sometimes they are lengthy), we need to click into the field to see the sentence/paragraph in its entirety. Sometimes, when we click into we end up clicking “x” and deleting what was submitted (and it is not available for recovery in the recycle bin).

It would be great if we could get a copy of the original form that was submitted (either in email or downloadable from Monday) so that we can have it as a reference.

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