View Permissions: Specific Users/Roles on a Given Board

In the simplest terms, I’m looking for a way to set board and item view permissions based on User and User Role rather than at board level.

Right now, I have a team of 20 people working in 2 boards.
Board 1 is for assigning team members to a job/item, board 2 is for the team members to see the jobs/items they’re assigned to.
Currently, all members have view access to jobs/items they’re assigned to on both boards, however, I need 10 of these users to have view access to ALL jobs/items on board 1 without making them admins or board owners…the other 10 will need to keep their view access on only their assigned jobs.

If view access was either: still granted at board level but able to be adjusted by user role, OR granted at user level (even if we had to create a new user role with specific board viewing functions), this issue would likely be remedied.


EDIT: I should also explain, these members DO need to be able to manipulate these jobs/items to some extent which is controlled at the column level, hence why I can’t make them all simply “viewers”.

You cop Add a dashboard or another view then filter it by watch person so they can go to their specific view and they only see their stuff. Each person can have their own view if that is what’s needed. Im still learning Monday myself but that is what we did.

@Southernbks thanks for the reply.

Our team includes 3rd party members who don’t need to see our internal company info. I basically need them to see only their work, and the internal team to see everyone’s work. The problem comes because in order to assign a job to anyone, internal or external, they need to be a member of our main board…but I don’t need them to see everything on our main board.

We also have a dashboard that consolidates everything, but again, due to view permissions on the main board everyone can only see their work/jobs, and I need at least half the team to see everything. That’s where allowing user roles specific view permissions via the permissions page would be ideal (because even adding specific users to column view permissions doesn’t fix the issue.)

Basically, view permissions are great, but Monday tying them to the board and the board alone with a few random column view options isn’t enough to do what we need to do. User Roles are great, but it defeats the purpose of having them if you can only control 80% of what needs to be controlled.

That makes sense, we upgraded to enterprise to be able to achieve this. However, i feel like it should be built in.