Viewing files from apps within Monday, external web app and phone

I am able to view a file on a pulse from an app I created within Monday and from the same app served from AWS but not able to view the file from the web app on my phone.

I’m getting the file url by getting column_values.text but am noticing that in the api docs it mentions a public_url. Is this different than the text value from the column and is this possibly the problem I’m having?

Hey there @ShawnBaden,

That’s a great question!

All files uploaded to directly will become an Asset, as I’m sure you’re well aware :slight_smile: An Asset will have 2 fields:

  • url - this URL will only be accessible by users who are signed in to their account and have an active session. It is not possible to mimic this behavior via the API, I’m afraid.
  • public_url - this URL can be accessed by anyone online with the link, but the catch is that it will only be valid for 1 hour. In most cases, this works well to build a web app or phone app, as you can simply refresh the public_url in case it expires, by making another query.

Does this help clarify? Let me know! :slight_smile:


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@AlexSavchuk - Yes, that makes better sense now! Thank you for the clarification!

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