Viewing items scheduled to be created and creating automated due dates

Hello, I’m a total newb, trying out the full version of the software for the first time.

I’ve learned how to automate the creation of a new task (item) that will recur daily, M-F. But I cannot see the upcoming items on my week (when assigned to me). Additionally, I don’t see how to automate the creation of a due date when the new item is created.

Here is the situation. We have a series of tasks scheduled throughout the week, and they repeat weekly. I want to assign a time value to each task (numbers column) and then be able to see the tasks that will occur throughout the week and weeks to come. I want to be able to view the scheduled workload for upcoming tasks (to be automatically scheduled), for each person that will be assigned these automated tasks. And I need the tasks to have a due date when they are created.

How can I accomplish this? Thanks!

Hey! @devo I think this automation would work for setting due dates when a item is created. image

@AlexJ Perfect! I did not see that one for the due date. That is excellent. Thank you!

I still need to solve the second issue of being able to see the upcoming tasks that will be assigned to people. Any other suggestions on that front?

@devo You might be able to set up a Dashboard with the workload widget to get a overview. Never used it myself but it might do the trick. :slight_smile:

I’ll look into that, thanks!