Viewing who has voted through API

I’m using API v2 with an Excel query for basic analysis on a board that Monday formulas appear unable to accomplish. I have a people column that I am trying to compare with a voting column. I am looking to compare the users assigned via the people column with the list of users who have voted with the vote column.

I am trying to use the API to gather a list of people who have voted with the vote column. But, I cannot seem to find a way to pull a list of users who have voted. My mind went to the formula column because it can be used to pull up this list. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be possible to pull formula information via the API. I’m looking forward to any suggestions you have.

Hi @Mitchellcue

When you query the column value of a vote column (here called “vote”) with:
query {items (ids: 573xxxxx) {column_values (ids: vote) {value}}}

you get something like this:
"value": "{\"votersIds\":[900xxx,2360xxx],\"changed_at\":\"2020-06-10T22:06:02.920Z\"}"

As you can see the votersIds hold all the userIds from the people who voted

That does answer your question

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