Views dependent on specific column type being in the board?

Just wondering about how one can go about implementing this.
We have a specific kind of view we want to implement on a board’s data. However we need there to be a corresponding specific column to get that data from. At the moment, that type of column does not come by default in a standard board, such as the owner column.
Now assuming the user downloads our app because they are interested in what we display, what is the best way for us to prompt the user to create such a column/ensure they have this column on their board that will give us the type of data we need for the view?
Appreciate any help.

Hi Shinny,

I wouldn’t check that the column type exist first, as most of the time it will be ok and it would delay the display for no reason (not sure it would take that long however, if you do).

When you ask for the data you need for your view, then also ask for column types.

If the column type you need is not present then stop any further process and display a message in the view itself.

Hope it helps

Hi Shinny,
another way to implement this is using our settings.

You can allow the user to pick the column from the type your view need in the settings page.
It’s important to also add an empty state that will ask the user to pick the column in the settings if he didn’t so he would not get stuck when opening the view

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Thank you both very much for your help!