Visibility problems with members of a board

I have built a process in Monday that connects 2 boards to each other.

The other members cannot edit this connected field because a grey field is displayed. When clicking on this field, the user is then shown that he must first connect the field. In my display, however, it says “in progress” with the corresponding colour.

What have I already done?
The user has been given full authorisation on the board. - no change of the problem
Furthermore, this field has already been created 3 times. - No change of the problem

In all other boards where I use this field there is no problem. Other users can edit this field normally.

Maybe you have some ideas what I can do so that this field can be used normally.

Hi Marcel,

Christa from here. Given the process is working in the other boards you have set up, I would highly recommend that you write into our email so that they can further investigate this technical issue for you. They are best suited for figuring out a solution for you and your team.

They can be reached at Thanks in advance for your patience.