Vlookup alternative

We are trying to create sharable boards that show specific information from other boards.

We tried mirrored columns, then a formula column to show the content of the mirrored column and then a colour setting, but this seemed a long way around.

We tried vlookup, but there was lots of bugs between users that we got no resolution for, and the sharable boards were generated from an automation that used a template, but vlookup doesn’t work with templates so you had to put all the integrations in each time.

Has anyone got any other ideas? the issue is Mirrored columns cannot be seen by people that don’t have access to the board you are mirroring and because we want to share this board with people outside our company, they will not have acess to these.

Is there another, sim

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hi @Julie2

Although biased :slight_smile: I think this app is a wonderful alternative for VLookup. Let me know if you find any issues with it.