Voting option improvements suggestion

Hello there,
we are trying to implement a voting option to one of our boards. It is important to us as we managed to move 90% of our project management to and this board with voting system would get us closer to 100% optimization.

Idea is to have multiple people vote on different items and assign them to them depending on who was the fastest voter. We are expecting 30+ people using this board and voting in a short period of item (couple of seconds), sometimes for multiple items at same time.
We created a board and first tested it with only two persons involved- worked perfectly. Then we tested it with 7 people and observed the following:

  • Multiple simultaneous voting
    Computer-browser (Chrome): accepts and then removes the vote, sometimes gets it back if you refresh the page, but sometimes it doesn’t (this is for case where a person clicked just once to vote, so no possibility of multiple clicking be the cause of removing votes)
    Phone (Andorid, IOS) - keeps removing votes, it may look like you are the first one voting but then it turns out you are fourth if it returns your vote
    Multiple items voting- just keeps messing all the votes

  • Multiple voting - couple of seconds delay:
    Computer- browser (Chrome): accepts votes better but still happens that some are removed and not returned
    Phone (Andorid, IOS) : same as in case with simultaneous voting

  • Multiple voting in general - keeps messing the order of votes- we called out persons quickly to vote in order to track who was first and order wasn’t always right.

  • Voters images
    Visible, but not clickable or names not visible - for us it would be important to know instantly who is the first voter and while we see the pictures we can’t hoover over them or click them. Since we are talking about 30+ people in the system, adding possibility to see more than just a picture would be useful. We could place a workaround that people don’t upload pictures but put their initials but would be nice to have a full functionality as with all other person options.

  • Settings for Vote column
    Colors options look great, but more functionalities to this column settings might be useful. We would benefit from possibility to restrict who can see voters (without restricting column view, as they need to see it in order to vote). Guess some companies might use the option for anonymous voting as well.

This Board and utilization of the voting option would get us closer to 100% processes moved to and save a lot of time on administration time, so I hope you will consider our proposal. As we are mostly remote company, we can also expect that people will be using their phones a lot for this voting option, so phone app issues fix is something we would appreciate very much.

Thank you in advance and hope this comes up soon on your to do list :slight_smile: