Want to fetch not all the items but specific subitems that are getting added to the board

I have a question regarding fetching subitems on a board. Currently, I have more than 8000 subitems on my board, and I’m looking for an efficient way to fetch the records of subitems that have been updated or added in the past one hour.

Here are the specific details of my query:

  1. I need to retrieve the subitems that have been updated or added within the last one hour. It’s important to note that the subitem I’m interested in may not be the newest one on the board; it could be located anywhere within the board structure.
  2. I would like to know if it’s possible to obtain this information from the activity logs. If the activity logs provide the necessary data, I would greatly appreciate guidance on the right approach and solution to extract the relevant subitem records.
  3. My preferred method for fetching the data is through the Monday.com API. If there are any specific API endpoints or query parameters that can help me achieve my goal, please let me know.
  4. Currently, I’m fetching all the subitems from the board every time someone adds or updates a subitem. However, this approach is quite time-consuming given the large number of subitems. I’m seeking a more efficient solution that only retrieves the subitems that have been added or updated.
    Below is my query that fetches all the subitems from the board
    boards(ids:3881776640) {
    items(newest_first:true,limit:200, page:${page}) {
    parent_item {
    column_values {

Hello there @Shreyas13398,

  1. You can not pass an argument on when the subitems where created or updated to only retrieve the ones that were created or updated in the last hour.
  2. You can use the Activity logs to see changes as explained in this article. You could take the IDs of your subitems from a query, and then use them as an argument in your activity logs query.

I hope that helps!


Thankss! It worked.

Hello again @Shreyas13398,

Happy to help!!