Want to use a template but can't import

I need the RACI template Intuitive RACI matrix template | monday.com
When click on the “use template” button it opens my Monday dashboard… that’s it.
When trying to add this RACI tpl via the “Use Templates” section, “0” searches there… so stuck.

Before trying to replicate this tpl manually I want to check if this is a bug or not.
Am I missing something?

Tx in advance!

Hey @CarlDP!

I’ve just tested the link on my end by selecting the USE RACI MATRIX TEMPLATE link and had no issues loading the template in my personal account, so this indeed sounds strange. If you access the link through an incognito window does this behaviour persist?

Additionally, to clarify, this particular template does not appear upon searching RACI?

If you’re still unable to access the template, I’d recommend reaching out to support@monday.com incase this unfortunately a bug :frowning: Apologies in advance!!