Watch if a board item is updated

Currently I am trying to copy a board to Google Sheets and update it daily. I figured out how to delete rows and add rows, but am not sure what to do about updating rows. I see that an item has a last updated date for each column, but is there a master “item last updated” value that I can see? Otherwise it seems I would have to loop through each column and check it if was updated.

If this is not available then I think I will just go ahead and delete all rows and then rewrite the board every time which is fine, but does not seem efficient.


Hey George! You can use a Last Updated column to track the last time any column on a given item was edited. Check it out here: Last Updated Column

If you’re prefer to use a webhook instead of polling the board regularly, we support that too: Webhook Integration

Hi Dipro,

Thanks for the information! Ah I can definitely see how to implement this functionality with the Last Updated Column. I decided to go with just deleting & rewriting the entire board everytime. The reason is because the users did not want the unique item IDs on the table and I can’t use the name columns since some of them are duplicates. Also the boards do not have more than 100 items, so rewriting the entire table is not a very expensive operation.

Huh I’ve never heard of webhooking before. If I was working with a bigger solution I think this would be the way to go. Appreciate the assistance!