We are a small Temp-staff company that is growing FAST!

Hello there,

We are a small staffing company that is growing fast due to the end of the pandemic and the need for people in the hospitality sector.
Normally i been running things by myself and been doing my day to day planning with simple notes.
But now we have SO many orders on staff that its getting a bit to much using the “classical” way of working.

So i am looking for help to set up a “calender” timeline with all my staff and projects on.
So its an easy “overview” of where people are working and when the projects starts and finish.
so i can integrate it with my “sales” team that i am about to employ.

because then everyone can see when our “staff” is available and not available from projects,
Because so far the problem we had is that we really havent had control over our staff, so basically when one project ended we had to do new recruitments for new coming projects since the staff we had already found work with other companies after our projects ended.

Which is super bad, since it takes time to recruit new staff all the time.

So if i can get a good overview of my resources in a calender type way my sales team can start pushing “months” before the current projects finish so we can just send our old staff to new projects directly.

I hope you guys understand what i mean!

hope to meet someone to work with and to help me improve my work flow:)

or maybe even someone is an expert on Staffing/recruitment offices and can give more tips other than this timeline overview.

we are now moving into a new office and for the first time i will have a real sales team working for me and together with my recruiters. So all tips are welcome!

robert@arbetsformedlaren.se is my email.

Best Regards Bobby


Hey there @MrStaffing and welcome to the monday.com community forums! Congrats on your success and good luck as you continue to progress the business.

I work with CarbonWeb and we are a monday.com partner that looks to assist companies component-by-component to ensure your environment is tailored to your exact needs. Our team has worked extensively with recruiters due to some of our strategic partnerships, and I would appreciate the opportunity to see how we can help.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation with me please do so here: Ricky - Consultation

I hope to connect with you soon and good luck as you dive into monday.com!

Best regards,

Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales
Carbon Web Print, LLC
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Phone: 440-462-7743 | Email : ricky@carbonweb.co

Hi @MrStaffing :wave:

I’ve sent you an email to the address provided - please let me know if I can further assist.

Kind regards,
Peta - upstream

Hej! We are in the US, but we would be happy to assist if your are still looking for a monday.com partner. You can email jenna@iointegration.com if you would like to set up an intro call with us for next week. We would love to work with you. Thank you. - Jenna

Hi @MrStaffing - Thanks for posting here, there are many amazing folks that can absolutely get you where you need to be on monday.

We have recently built out a full E2E solution for a well-known recruitment company in the US. They absolutely love the solution we developed and I am sure we could apply some of the designs towards your business.

We like to start with a complementary discovery session to get a better feel for your business processes and overall requirements, but also, to ensure we would be a good fit.

If you interesting in continuing feel free to DM me here or shoot a message over to info@greenllamas.com.

Also, check us out online to learn more about what we do.