We are looking to find an expert to help develop a robust but basic foundation

We are a 140 year old business with some digital catching up to do. We have just signed up to monday to test suitability for one of our sales divisions and would now like to expand the functionality and roll out to our other divisions. We are an SME based in Hertfordshire, UK. with around 25 office staff.

Some of the things we will require are:
Small amount of coinsultancy - questions about ‘can we do this’
Checking our setup so far is done correctly
Helping us with basic automations while we learn how to do this ourselves

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Hi @Smorgan-friedheim ,

I am a certified monday.com consultant and would love to connect to understand your use case in a better way and suggest you the best possible solution.

You can reach out to me at aquibcs@outlook.com

Best Regards,
Aquib Zafar

Hello @Smorgan-friedheim ,

Welcome to the monday community! :muscle:

Glad to hear you digitalizing your business and using monday to do so, and I am sure our team at thespelas.com can help you out! At thespelas.com we’re an Official and Authorized monday partner with over 6 years of individual experience on the platform and extensive experience in designing and implementing customized solutions that are tailored to each business’ goals.

We have a lot of experience helping business that have just started using monday, providing consistent advice and making sure their setup is up to monday and business best practices.

Please do schedule a Free Consulting Session with us here so we can better discuss your vision and requirements! Alternatively, if none of the available time slots work out for you, please contact us at info@thespelas.com so we can do our best to accommodate you.

I sincerely hope our services can be of use to you!

Best Regards,
Giannis Koukounas, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com

Hey Seth!

First off, welcome to the monday community! We are happy to see another user join this incredible platform, taking the steps to transition your existing business into a digital workflow is no easy task and CarbonWeb is here to help!

We are a Certified Partner of monday.com that offers a full range of business solutions, from custom developed suites to consulting, we want to be the partner you turn to!

What I think would be perfect for you is our Advanced Onboarding! This package is specifically designed to help users familiarize themselves with the platform, while simultaneously learning the “ins and outs” of the system and building up to 2 workflows side by side with one of our certified monday.com experts!

We would love to talk more and explore this together, feel free to grab a time on our schedule here - monday.com Advanced Onboarding - CarbonWeb

If you have any questions at all feel free to shoot me a message on here or email me at jgrad@carbonweb.co

Best of luck as you dive deeper into monday!

Hi @Smorgan-friedheim :wave:

upstream can help. As well as being able to support with full professional services and custom developments, we also provide more simple offerings for those at different stages of their monday.com journey.

You sound like a perfect fit for our Health Check Service, following which you would receive a formal list of recommendations and relevant material to assist your progression.

As Platinum Partners, preferred partners and the most recent Professional Services partner of the year, we enjoy supporting clients on a global scale and can support you in Herts no worries.

Feel free to reach me anytime, or use the below links to schedule straight in for a chat and we can go through exploring options together :slight_smile:

+61 3 9067 5611

International Clients - Special Hours

Speak soon!

Hey @Smorgan-friedheim

Thanks for signing up with the monday .com community!

By using code-free monday .com automation templates, you can build custom workflows and manage various divisions simultaneously. With each custom workflow, you can integrate automation recipes like trigger, condition, and action. This way, you can receive real-time updates when responsibilities are completed and collaborate with workers across departments seamlessly. By implementing customizable automation, you can avoid time-consuming meetings, and lengthy email chains, and boost productivity instantly.

If you’re looking to create new automation workflows tailored to your team’s needs, you may reach out to a reputable monday.com consulting company. Their specialists can effortlessly set up code-free workflows for your business.


:star2: Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your exciting journey with Monday.com! :rocket::sparkles: We’re thrilled to hear about your 140-year-old business embracing digital transformation. :globe_with_meridians::bulb:

It’s fantastic that you’ve taken the first steps by signing up for Monday.com to test its suitability for your sales division. :chart_with_upwards_trend::briefcase: Now, as you look to expand functionality and roll out to other divisions, we’re here to support you every step of the way! :rainbow::sparkles:

Our FREE Daily Monday.com Automation Training for Beginners is the perfect opportunity for you and your team to dive into the world of Monday Automation. Whether it’s questions about possibilities, checking your setup, or assistance with basic automations, we’ve got you covered! :mortar_board::handshake:

Feel free to book a FREE Introduction Call using the link below, and let’s embark on this exciting adventure together! :rocket::star2:
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