We Just Killed Copy and Paste on monday.com

Almost two years ago we took upon us the task to help teams save time and keep data alignment by efficiently auto-linking items between boards. We created VLOOKUP Auto-link that became an instant hit, now used by thousands of happy and efficient companies.

Today we are pleading guilty for killing copy and pasting on monday.com. Guilty in saving hours of copying and pasting data from updates into board items. Guilty of killing the need of uploading, re-uploading, and re-re-re-re-uploading updated files to monday boards.

Guilty of creating Extract app. A small app that makes a big impact on the way you and your team work on monday.com .

Extract app has a collection of integrations that scrape board updates and turn them into items. It can extract email addresses and sender names to create seamless email auto responders. It scrapes files from updates and adds them to board updates for better collaboration and management of projects assets. It auto grabs and places your updates content in the board to avoid the dizziness of going back and forth between updates to board.

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Here is a video with a demo for
How to extract emails on monday.com to board columns great for Service desk on monday.com
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