We need a better chat sistem

I have spoken with a couple of Monday users, and we all agree on this.

Sometimes, finding a conversation with your team can be a little frustrating. Worst if we are working on a couple of projects at a time.

It will be good to have a general chat, where you can invite some team members and discuss a project. Or a general chat for any type of discussion.

Some of the options I received is to use Slack for communication and Monday for projects.

I think paying twice for a function that is obvious is needed, is not a solution.
Slack, Trello, Twist App; SAAS that are inferior to Monday has that function.

Love Monday, it’s a great SAAS, I hope the team works on this.

And please don’t make it an integration service and make us pay more for each member.

Enhance our team’s communication. :heart:

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