We Need Dashboard Sorting In The Same Manner As Workspace Board Sorting

I’ll make this as simple as possible.

There are two Board types:

  • Workspaces

  • Dashboards

When I build multiple Workspace Boards, I can sort them however I want by clicking and dragging them up and down. This helps immensely.

When I build multiple Dashboards (to reflect the Workspace Boards data), they are set as they are made and cannot be sorted.

This does not make sense. It should not be too difficult to allow such a simple feature to be added. It may not be a huge deal, but it will be very helpful the more boards I create.
Why would we only be able to sort the Workspace boards but not Dashboards?

I request this feature to be added please and thank you.

Yes, this is a needed feature.

Hi @TyeZ

There are multiple request to store dashboards INSIDE a workspace, just as any other board, Do you think that makes sense? See also: Feature Request: Organize Dashboards

I suppose this would depend on functionality. Having the ability to see all the dashboards in one place is useful and I think having the option to view it like that should be kept, but storing it INSIDE the workspace could be useful.

Perhaps increasing the options for access is a good idea if possible. Give us the ability to view all dashboards in one place, be able to sort them, and have dashboards available within the Workspace as well.

I also saw the favorites/ folders options. These are useful tools for further organization, but I think just adding in the simple feature to sort dashboards in the actual dashboard listing, would be nice.

Also, are we not able to store folders within folders?

If I have a client that I create a folder for that contains their workspace and dashboard, I would also like to be able to take that specific client folder and move it into an umbrella CLIENTS folder that contains each clients folders.

My team each has a personal dashboard where they can track the different projects (boards) they are on. New boards are constantly being added, but some projects may have a higher priority and some projects may be on hold, so being able to reorder the boards would be extremely helpful, especially in the table widget.